Ohhhh… FUN… Book Three of Foolish Hearts series

This is the third book in my Foolish Hearts (standalone) series… Each book can be read out of order… no spoilers… new book with new characters that have connections to other books making it a series… Soooo FUN to write… If you haven’t read any of my books, maybe start with this one and it is FREE with Kindle Unlimited…

Book blurb…

Subway rides weren’t supposed to hack into your heart with a mere glance. They definitely weren’t supposed to have you fantasizing about romantic interludes.

Madison Bristol was waiting for her opportunity to represent authors in her beloved book world when Mr. Hottie appeared right before her very eyes.

Cooper Kitridge was getting used to a new sales position that had him skateboarding all over the city when the beautiful Train Girl captured his attention.

Lost to each other in the vast downtown area, a chance run-in reunites Madison and Cooper giving them the opportunity to get acquainted...to a point.

What will happen when their career paths cross?