Behind the Scenes: Hemingway Inspiration for Ashton Tate

Time for another look into my romantic comedy WRONGED… and my interior design inspiration when writing about ASHTON (my main male construction business owner) competing on a design reality show… these are the inspiration photos (some from Hemingway's Home museum website) for his first challenge… Ernest Hemingway Library Suite is his theme…


EXCERPT from WRONGED by Fifi Flowers… 

Chapter Seven

…I got a good look at my competition. Fourteen men and fourteen women... One woman was familiar. How had I gotten so lucky and at the same time unlucky when teams were selected and we weren’t on the same one? 

Not to worry. 

I would get my time to talk to her when we got to working on our rooms. For that moment it was time to look at the list I had create according to what I hoped to achieve:

Bookcases everywhere: one big with TV in middle and two side tables.

Two big chairs (hopefully) with a café table.

Paint walls hunter green textured like a billiard table.

Remove carpet and paint a faux hardwood floor.

Bed with massive dark headboard, bedding with dark colors.

Lots of decor items: martini bar setup, fishing rod, figurines, art.

Typewriter a must!

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Photos of six-toed cats at Hemingway's Key West home

A lot of research goes into writing a book and photos are often helpful... I love to learn new things and pass them on to my readers. You will read more about Ernest Hemingway and Ashton's room in WRONGED(& FOOLISH) book four of a standalone series.

MORE information is coming soon about my contemporary romance book WRONGED... hope you liked my little excerpt and inspiration.

Fifi LOVES to write!