Behind the Scenes: Gianna Marinelli's Firenze Apartment

I’ve been working on my soonish-to-be-released romance novel—WRONGED. It’s important to get things right… today I found some photos I had gathered when writing a GIANNA (my main female interior design character) chapter about her apartment transformation… visuals are very helpful…

EXCERPT from WRONGED by Fifi Flowers… 

Chapter Four


I had learned painting techniques and applied them to smooth out crumbling walls that my papa insisted someone fix. “Nope” I said and painted exposed brick white while the rest were streaked with lavenders, blushes and brighter whites to create the marbled look in the sitting room and kitchen area. In the bathroom I had old used mirrors installed on a wall behind a free-standing white porcelain tub. To some they looked like the mirror needed to be trashed but to me it gave the perfect antiqued mirrored look and reflected the other walls painted a pale lavender. My bedroom got a coat of blushed paint and a faux wood paneling look that was perfect with my lavender and dark midnight blue bedding. I even made a padded headboard and hung my own crystal chandeliers. Old furniture that had been in the space with a bit of refurbishing and reupholstering mixed with modern fabrics and vintage Italian damasks blended well with the walls. And lastly, I had a friend make me wood-slanted shutters for window treatments. 

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I hope you enjoyed seeing one of my writing processes… and reading my UNEDITED words… maybe I will have to share something about my male character, ASHTON (owner of Tate Construction & Sons), next and maybe some real photos of a small town café area I used in this book and some related books to the WRONGED book… 

Stay Tuned!