Ohhhh… FUN… Book Three of Foolish Hearts series

NEW 2023 version...

This is the third book in my Foolish Hearts (standalone) series… Each book can be read out of order… no spoilers… new book with new characters that have connections to other books making it a series… Soooo FUN to write… If you haven’t read any of my books, maybe start with this one and it is FREE with Kindle Unlimited…

Book blurb…

Subway rides weren’t supposed to hack into your heart with a mere glance. They definitely weren’t supposed to have you fantasizing about romantic interludes.

Madison Bristol was waiting for her opportunity to represent authors in her beloved book world when Mr. Hottie appeared right before her very eyes.

Cooper Kitridge was getting used to a new sales position that had him skateboarding all over the city when the beautiful Train Girl captured his attention.

Lost to each other in the vast downtown area, a chance run-in reunites Madison and Cooper giving them the opportunity to get acquainted...to a point.

What will happen when their career paths cross?


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Cover Reveal

Sooooo exciting... a NEW book written by me… WRONGED (& FOOLISH) 

Cover Design by LKO Design

Book Blurb...

Gianna Marinelli, an Italian in America, just wanted a new independent life as an interior designer

Ashton Tate, the owner of Tate & Sons Construction, just wanted time to create his own designs

Winning spots on a reality design show--Get It Right...get your own design show--has Gianna and Ashton competing against each other but maybe they don't understand the whole premise... 

Is it wrong to fall in love with your competition? 
Are you supposed to hate your fellow competitor?


Behind the Scenes: Hemingway Inspiration for Ashton Tate

Time for another look into my romantic comedy WRONGED… and my interior design inspiration when writing about ASHTON (my main male construction business owner) competing on a design reality show… these are the inspiration photos (some from Hemingway's Home museum website) for his first challenge… Ernest Hemingway Library Suite is his theme…


EXCERPT from WRONGED by Fifi Flowers… 

Chapter Seven

…I got a good look at my competition. Fourteen men and fourteen women... One woman was familiar. How had I gotten so lucky and at the same time unlucky when teams were selected and we weren’t on the same one? 

Not to worry. 

I would get my time to talk to her when we got to working on our rooms. For that moment it was time to look at the list I had create according to what I hoped to achieve:

Bookcases everywhere: one big with TV in middle and two side tables.

Two big chairs (hopefully) with a café table.

Paint walls hunter green textured like a billiard table.

Remove carpet and paint a faux hardwood floor.

Bed with massive dark headboard, bedding with dark colors.

Lots of decor items: martini bar setup, fishing rod, figurines, art.

Typewriter a must!

Copyright 2023

Photos of six-toed cats at Hemingway's Key West home

A lot of research goes into writing a book and photos are often helpful... I love to learn new things and pass them on to my readers. You will read more about Ernest Hemingway and Ashton's room in WRONGED(& FOOLISH) book four of a standalone series.

MORE information is coming soon about my contemporary romance book WRONGED... hope you liked my little excerpt and inspiration.

Fifi LOVES to write!


Behind the Scenes: Gianna Marinelli's Firenze Apartment

I’ve been working on my soonish-to-be-released romance novel—WRONGED. It’s important to get things right… today I found some photos I had gathered when writing a GIANNA (my main female interior design character) chapter about her apartment transformation… visuals are very helpful…

EXCERPT from WRONGED by Fifi Flowers… 

Chapter Four


I had learned painting techniques and applied them to smooth out crumbling walls that my papa insisted someone fix. “Nope” I said and painted exposed brick white while the rest were streaked with lavenders, blushes and brighter whites to create the marbled look in the sitting room and kitchen area. In the bathroom I had old used mirrors installed on a wall behind a free-standing white porcelain tub. To some they looked like the mirror needed to be trashed but to me it gave the perfect antiqued mirrored look and reflected the other walls painted a pale lavender. My bedroom got a coat of blushed paint and a faux wood paneling look that was perfect with my lavender and dark midnight blue bedding. I even made a padded headboard and hung my own crystal chandeliers. Old furniture that had been in the space with a bit of refurbishing and reupholstering mixed with modern fabrics and vintage Italian damasks blended well with the walls. And lastly, I had a friend make me wood-slanted shutters for window treatments. 

Copyright 2023

I hope you enjoyed seeing one of my writing processes… and reading my UNEDITED words… maybe I will have to share something about my male character, ASHTON (owner of Tate Construction & Sons), next and maybe some real photos of a small town café area I used in this book and some related books to the WRONGED book… 

Stay Tuned!


Ready for Book Two

NEW 2023 version...

Moving on to Book Two of my standalone Foolish Hearts series… in this book, DECEIVED, we get to know Caldwell Tate better—he was mentioned in book one… And we get to meet Daphne Chastain… loved writing their story… I might want to live in her house…  it sounds amazing…

Don’t worry if you haven’t read book one ARRANGED yet—I recommend you read it too, it’s so FUN—you can start with Book Two of this series and it’s FREE wit KINDLE UNLIMITED! 

                  Book Cover design: LKO Designs

Book Blurb…

Daphne Chastain is living the dream. Documenting California art and architecture for her coffee-table style book while living in a historical home...what could be better?

Answer: Having an amazingly gorgeous handyman show up on her doorstep.

Caldwell Tate is trying to piece his life back together. Living with his brother after losing his home, he steps in to help him out by giving an estimate to a heart-stopping beauty. How can he let his brother near what he wants to be his?

Answer: Take his brother’s place and do the work himself.

When secrets are revealed, can they move forward or will it put an end to their actions after realizing that they’ve been deceived?

Answer: Read Deceived and find out!


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Meet Gianna and Ashton of WRONGED…

 Meet Get It Right reality show contestants: Gianna and Ashton 

Some of you voted for these names together!!! Coming Soon, you can read their story in WRONGED… book 4 of my Foolish Hearts standalone series… I’m so excited to type The End… by the weekend, I hope… or by next Monday works too…

(Slight delay with my writing schedule thx to a bad cold bug)


Original Art Covers

My worlds often collide… 

I like to write what I know—easiest to be real even writing FICTION. Soooo my characters usual (no Navy Seal experience but I research a lot) have professions I’ve been associated with or done. I have a few artists and galleries in the mix too… I JUST realized MOST or ALL of them are MEN… I’m not sure… ohhhhh no I did have a female one my main character interviewed in Reclining Nude in Chicago (FYI the title is based on a painting)…

This was my original cover for the book and this painting by ME, Fifi Flowers, was supposed to be a painting by one of main characters: Emerson York, famous artist created by me. Ohhhhh, I remember another female painter/photographer character—Lily LaSalle—in my very first book and I used “her” artwork for the original cover ALSO painted by me, Fifi Flowers… 

Both these books are AVAILABLE and FREE with Kindle Unlimited HERE
They are BOTH on the STEAMY side of contemporary romance… here are the latest covers…

FUN! that I get to me Fifi the artist and Fifi the author…

BEST when I combine the two worlds in books and sometimes art as I paint self-portraits, sketch scenes for book writing and even paint typewriters. 

Life is Good!



Get Started with Book One

NEW 2023 version...

This is the first book in my Foolish Hearts (standalone) series… Each book has some characters that may show up in other books. I LOVE to use my made-up characters in other books in other series or totally standalone books. I’ve created my own universe: with my own famous people, my own products, my own places… Soooo FUN… If you haven’t read any of my books, maybe start with this one and it is FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Book blurb…

Ireland Dumont loved her life—single with not a care in the world, running her own online concierge company. On the edge of ultimate success, her parents stepped in and arranged a proper groom for her to marry. Giving over to their request, she heads to Vegas to celebrate her last days of freedom.

Meeting a handsome stranger was not on her agenda.
Accepting his marriage proposal was the perfect addendum to her agenda.

Jensen Callum needed a wife for his new business venture with a company that prided themselves on being a family-owned operation. His old playboy status was about to be nipped in the bud by his parents when he returned home from his business trip to an arranged marriage of their doing.

What will happen when Ireland and Jensen’s families find out that they arranged their own marriage venture that wasn’t in the grand scheme of things?


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