National Sons Day: Son Co-writer

In honor of National Sons Day… I’m sharing books I co-wrote with my adult son: He came up with stories and information and I handled the romance parts… we worked well together and published two…

He also assisted me with two other books but originally they were part of the old Kindle World and they didn’t allow co-writing so his name was not added to the covers but he definitely gave me input with my male characters…

Maybe in the future he will write with me again or at least help me with my future Alpha Detail series books… I have tried to get my younger adult son to give me input but so far he hasn’t been interested but maybe once he’s discharge from the military he will help me out… fingers-crossed! I would love to see his name along with mine on a book too… SAM HAROLD sounds great!

Happy National Sons Day to my boys… I LOVE you both sooooo much!!!