Reclining Nude in Chicago is Revitalized

Finally… ALL of my older contemporary romance books have been updated and are now back online… only on Amazon until March 25th… then they will be on the sites I have listed below… Going through Reclining Nude in Chicago, the 2nd book out of 26 I have published, it was sad to see I had written about two delicious restaurants that no longer exist… that is another reason why I often make up my own establishments and celeb-status people.

Reclining Nude in Chicago AVAILABLE (link below) no longer contains graphic intimacy… still hints of naughtiness but now, like all of my updated books and book I write going forward, I won’t have to warn my family and friends who want to read my books that they contain racy sex… Fifi Flowers romance books are NOW labeled Clean Romance according to genres and I am happy… and will now go make to writing more NEW books in the same fashion…

Set to interview Matisse expert and curator Pierce Marten in a Chicago loft, freelance art writer Julia Van Rothfelder is mistaken for an artist's life model.

Finding herself reclining nude posing for a handsome casually dressed curator, nothing like what she had imagined, a well-groomed man in a business suit enters the artist loft.

As Julia surveys the two men standing before her, she wonders...

Who is the new man?

Who is the man behind the canvas?

And better question, why am I nude?


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