The Kensington Park Project

The Kensington Park Project is a steamy series to be enjoyed daily...



Hookup Café Series

Welcome to the Hookup Café Series... featuring a quaint café called Cafélicious, located in the downtown area of San Diego, owned by Pansie. Sitting at a table in the café, meet her friends, employees, customers, and her poetry man Basil. Read about romances with Marzi's delivery man Avery; Evie's musical man Nate; Saylor's beastly man Deacon; Vivienne's blind date Mason... and from a male POV, Vin tells how he was tormented by Darla. 

Come along and enjoy the laughs, tears, friendships, and romance that this series has to offer!

Fashionista Forward

Fifi Flowers has created a new blog with fictional contributors who are characters in her upcoming book Stealing Hearts. Her main character Chanel Devlin is the editor-in-chief for the Fashionista Forward blog that was originated by Willow Dane, another character in Fifi's Just A Number novel.

Excerpt from Just A Number

When I was just starting out in my profession, in my spare time, I had tried my luck at being a fashionista blogger. I set up a free website where I wrote and posted photos about anything and everything fashion. It was just for fun, but it started getting hits and followers. Then, businesses began to contact me for paid sponsorships. A fluke turned into a money maker. The bigger it got, the more notice I received, and that was when the big article was written about me.
The published interview brought even more people to my, once little, fashion blog and suddenly, I was in need of extra help. Posting for help, some of my devoted blog subscribers volunteered. If they hadn't, it wouldn't still be alive today. I'm no longer involved. I sold it to a group of fashionistas, along with a couple of my fangirls that had jumped in to help. They have been very supportive of my fashion clients. The internet is a powerful tool.  - Willow Dane