Hookup Café Series

Welcome to the Hookup Café Series... featuring a quaint café called Cafélicious, located in the downtown area of San Diego, owned by Pansie. Sitting at a table in the café, you will meet her friends, employees, customers, and her poetry man Basil. You will, also, get to read about romances with Marzi's delivery man Avery; Evie's musical man Nate; Saylor's beastly man Deacon; Vivienne's blind date Mason... and from a male POV, Vin will tell us how he is tormented by Darla. Come along and enjoy the laughs, tears, friendships, and romance that this series has to offer!

MONDAY: Tall, Dark & Aromatic (Hookup Café, #1)
When I started Poetry Night on Mondays at my café, Cafélicious, I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would find myself listening to panty-dropping words about me read by a Tall, Dark & Aromatic poet... meet Basil!

TUESDAY: A Double Shot (Hookup Café, #2)
Tuesday was by far the best day of the week—Delivery Day! Early mornings before anyone arrived I got my supplies and then some... Giving a whole lot of meanings to the words customer service and A Double Shot... meet Avery!


WEDNESDAY: With Lots of Cream (Hookup Café, #3)
Welcome to Open Mic Wednesday I announced as a gorgeous man close to the stage sporting sexy arm tats blurted out With Lots of Cream and had me so baffled that I forgot to introduce the first performer and belted out my own song staring straight into his clear blue eyes... meet Nate!

THURSDAY: Bold, Rich & Strong (Hookup Cafe, #4)
He said he first noticed me on a Thursday morning. I noticed him when he asked me if I was named after a one-night stand my mother had with a stranger. He said I liked that he was Bold, Rich & Strong... I wasn't sure if he was right or if I wanted to slap him... meet Deacon!

FRIDAY: Laced with Spice (Hookup Cafe, #5)
Not wanting to take a chance that my mystery man through a new blind dating service was a dud or worse, I had him meet me at Cafélicious on a Friday night where they were able to check him out and signal Laced with Spice for me to show up... meet Mason!

SATURDAY: Light, Full Bodied & Screwed (Hookup Cafe, #6)

There should be rules in place when beautiful women sit at counters where chefs are trying to create dishes that are edible or maybe they should be restricted altogether... I'm not sure, I just know her speech one Saturday night about wines had me thinking of her as Light, Full Bodied & Screwed.... yes, where she was concerned I was screwed... meet Darla!

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